My work documents  my everyday experiences as a woman, wife, mother, artist, West Coast dweller. It is simultaneously specific and general, personal and universal, mundane and important, as I find the human experience to be. My pieces are part journal, part memoir, part narrative, as they record my  memories and my story as it unfolds. 

I take snapshots during my daily activities and create paintings or drawings based on my collected images; this process gives me the privilege of time with typically fleeting experiences, allowing me to remember, consider, and share moments from my life. 



Sarah Rahaeuser received her MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University and her BA in Art from Pepperdine University, where she was awarded the Outstanding Graduate and Service Award in Art. She has been a part of group exhibitions in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Her diaristic work records images from her daily life, ranging from compositions of mundane objects to figurative pieces. She has also taught art in Washington State and California.

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